About Dale Austin

Dale Austin is an Aboriginal man with fascinating cultural knowledge and has many creative talents:


Dale is an artist who paints artworks on canvas and bark; and also carves small sculptures. Original works can be created on commission – including corporate gifts and trophies.


If you have an event, bring some authentic Aboriginal culture to the experience through Dale’s own pop-up stall. Selling original, hand-crafted gifts and art that he has created, Dale explains the cultural stories associated with each piece.


Dale also plays the didgeridoo, which he makes himself. Dale explains how to play and the cultural significance of the sounds. He also makes clapsticks and can inspire audiences to join in.


Dale is a seasoned cultural workshop facilitator (for children, youth and adults) who can run interactive painting and music workshops.




When you buy art, hear music or participate in a workshop by Dale Austin, you are experiencing authentic Aboriginal culture. Dale is from the Murumburr clan, from Ngurrungurrudjba (Yellow Waters) Djim Djim Creek. However, he was born in 1976 in Canberra. This was because Dale’s father was a survivor of the Stolen Generation. Like with so many from the Stolen Generation, the tradition of passing on culture and connection to Country was broken. Much of Dale’s life has been spent retracing the steps of his ancestors. Learning the stories of his Country means that he is now able to share this knowledge with the future generations.



Dale worked extensively in the area of children’s services in the Northern Territory, particularly with young Aboriginal people who come into contact with children’s welfare services. He works to inspire them to connect with their ancestry, like he did. By doing this they feel confident in their identity as proud Aboriginals.

“I was born in ACT, my mother is from England & my farther (now deceased) is from Kakadu. My father was stolen from his mother and clan and taken to Garden Point Mission, Melville Island. Now it is up to me to carry on our culture for the next generation.” – Dale Austin


For more information, please contact Dale.

For more information, please contact Dale.

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