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Original works can be created on commission – including corporate gifts and trophies.

Small bird & Mimi spirit carvings

Small bird & Mimi spirit carvings made from traditional wood (beach Hibiscus) used for fishing spear, spear thrower smoking pipe & carving. Bark can be also used for string & rope. 15cm tall

$15 each

Small canvas & easel

Small canvas & easel set in calendar colours & information about Kakadu seasons. 8cmx10cm

$15 each

Small Croc Carving

Small Milk Wood Ginga (croc) 30cm.

$30 each

Small Turtle Carving

Small Milk Wood Al-mangiyi (Long neck turtle) 10cm

$20 each

Jewellery pendants & earrings

Jewellery pendants & earrings – Mimih poles  $30 each

Karrbarrda (long Yam) leaf  $40 each

Mandem (water lily) leaf $40 each

Small Fish CARVING

Small Fish double sided. Rarrk one side X-ray the other. Made from milk wood. Traditionally used for dug out canoes & carvings.

$30 each

Small stringy Bark painting

Small traditional stringy Bark painting in ochre.Multiple sizes from 8cm x10cm to 10cm x 10 cm

$20 each

Small Goanna Carving

Small Galawan (sand goanna) 30cm

$30 each

Small Snake Carving

Small Milk Wood Bek (Death Adder) 15cm. Other snakes Nawandak (File Snake), Dadbe (King Brown) & Nawaran (Oenpelli Python).

$15 each


For more information, please contact Dale.

For more information, please contact Dale.

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